Babysitting for the day!

I was given a task of babysitting to girls for the duration of 5 hours. The eldest is 8 years old, while the youngest is 5 years old. After talking to their mother, I found out their hobbies and interests and how both girls interact with each other at home. Based on the information she gave me, I created these activities for them.

I found out that her older daughter loves art and drawing and even takes lessons to enhance her creativity. So one activity will be finger painting so that both of them will enjoy it.


Both girls enjoy singing and dancing very much. I thought having a karaoke hour will be extremely fun for them. They can choose all their favorite songs to sing and dance along to. They can either sing together or take turns but both of them will really enjoy this activity.


The youngest daughter loves playing with puzzles and is good at problem solving from such a young age. I will bring two puzzles with different pictures and have them try and complete the puzzles as fast as they can. This will be exciting for the girls because it is like a small competition.


The girls mother complained that they don’t really help around the house and always leave things messy. I thought we could have an activity that teaches organizing skills, but it will also be fun for the children. This activity could be placing objects according to simple descriptions I will give them. The game will be like a treasure hunt with clues to where the place the objects. Hopefully, this will make them enjoy tidying up and putting their things back where they belong.


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